Cell phone or gun? Carson City Officers make split second decisions on whether to shoot and kill suspects

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

CARSON CITY SHERIFF CCSOFiguring out the difference between a cell phone and a gun turned out to be the difference between a fatal shooting of a suspect and what ended up as an arrest without any serious injuries for Sgt. Earl Mays of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. His split second decisions and that of deputy Nick Pinochi likely saved the life of the suspect they detained.

With numerous recent officer involved shootings making national news, law enforcement are under heavy scrutiny when faced with lethal dangers. However, what many people may not realize is what goes into making that split second decision for officers and if they choose wrong, they may be the ones wheeled away in a body bag.

Crime Scene Body Outline.jpg-500x400Recently, Mays and Pinochi were involved in an incident with a suspect who had injured another deputy and was threatening them with lethal force.

On May 26, officers were called to the…

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